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Shown in Left Photo: Rob Ellis, President, My Safe Work, wearing 'Jersey of Courage'. Right Photo: Burlington Hydro President and CEO, Gerry Smallegange, Rob Ellis, and City of Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring showing support at a MySafeWork community kick-off.

Burlington Hydro is an ongoing supporter of the Rob Ellis’ 'MySafeWork' program. Presentations on workplace safety are aimed at high school students who are entering the workforce for the first time here in Burlington, or in communities across the country. The program’s goal is to transfer safety knowledge and leadership principles to future leaders.

The message is a simple one: safety on the job and proper on-the-job training should be a number one priority for youth entering the workforce. Mr. Ellis’ unique approach of linking up students, parents, educators and corporate executives and workers face-to-face to talk about workplace safety has impacted more than five million people across North America. Burlington Hydro continues to be an active participant in the 'MySafeWork' program, emphasizing the importance of putting safety first with all employees – from full time and contract workers, to our apprentices, co-op and summer students.