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Be aware, stay away, stay safe


Lessons for Life for Kids

Children have a natural attraction to electricity, and need to be regularly reminded of the dangers of powerlines and other hydro equipment, from the tools and appliances in your home to the electricity infrastructure in the neighbourhood.

Stay far away from powerlines

Powerlines are deadly. Never get on any roof to play or to get a ball or toy if they land up there. Powerlines usually attach to the roof. If you touch one, it could kill you. Always fly kites, balloons and remote controlled toys in wide-open spaces, well away from power lines. Never try to get anything back that gets stuck to power lines, like sneakers for example. Don’t climb trees near hydro lines.

Danger always means KEEP OUT

When you see signs that say "Danger" or "Danger High Voltage", you must stay away.

Stay far away from transformers and Hydro Poles

Never play or explore around any hydro equipment like the green boxes you see in lawns or fields. Never climb hydro poles.

If a powerline falls on your school bus or car

Stay in the vehicle. Wait for instruction from your bus driver or parent. Wait for 911. If you are instructed by the driver, fire, police or 911 to leave the vehicle, listen very carefully and follow their instructions. Jump and land with both feet together, then shuffle 10 meters away

When you see downed hydro lines

Stay far away. Downed hydro lines or anything touching downed lines could be electrified. Touching it or getting closer than 10 meters will seriously hurt you or you could die.

Stay safe during outages

Never use a gas stove or a barbecue for heat. Both produce deadly fumes. Barbecues should never be used indoors or even in an attached garage. Most propane heaters are not meant to be used indoors. Candles can be very dangerous and should never be used without adult supervision. They can cause fires. Get permission before you go outside, after a very bad storm such as freezing rain or high winds, especially if there was a power outage. Powerlines could be down. If you or a friend has a tree house, stay out of it until an adult tells you it is safe.

Water and electricity don't mix

Even if you have permission to use things powered by electricity, never use them around water. If your home has flooded, stay on high ground. Never go into a flooded basement or flooded room because you could get a terrible shock. Never touch an outlet if you are wet.

Stay away from outlets and fuse boxes

Never poke anything into an electricity outlet. Leave checking the fuse box (electrical panel) for adults.