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vehicle crashed into hydro pole with downed lines

When the Power's Out

What every homeowner and business needs to know to keep everyone safe.

Keep safe with these outage tips

7 Actions for 7 Powerline Dangers

Great for all ages, each of these 7 videos convey critical powerline safety behavior.

  • Do I need to call before I dig?
  • How dangerous is it to touch a power line?
  • What is the safe distance to stay away from an overhead power line?
  • What is the safe distance to stay away from a downed power line?
  • Don't tamper with electrical equipment.
  • Actions to take if your vehicle has a power line fall on it.

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digging in progress

Planting a Tree or Digging a Post Hole?

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circuit breaker and plyers


Planning an Electrical Upgrade?

You or a friend of the family typically isn't the safest option.

To find an ESA approved contractor click here

electricity mast on roof-top connected to hydro line

Damage to Your Meter Mast?

The responsibility for repairs varies depending on the location of the damage.

Learn about repair responsibility