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The Downside of DIY Electrical

Do-it-yourself wirers are held to same account as licensed electricians. Only you - the property-owner - or ESA-licensed contractors can perform electrical work at your home, and certain types of electrical work must never be tackled by homeowners.

Electricity can kill!

Completing your own residential electrical work can be tempting. Yet, if the work is not done properly and to Ontario Electrical Safety Code, the outcome can be expensive property damage due to fire and, worse, serious injury or death. Is it worth the risk?

What seems like a simple electrical job, could easily go wrong and cost you more money in the end.

Never do work in your service panel under any circumstances and never attempt any repairs on your service mast or electrical meter. It is advisable that electrical work done inside or outside your home be completed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor. Licensed Electrical Contractors are required to display their ESA/ECRA licence number. Ask to see it.

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