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Burlington Hydro's Safety Commitment

As a Burlington Hydro customer you would expect that safety is a major priority, but our 'Power To Be Safe' Commitment goes much deeper then you may realize. Safety permeates our entire organization.

Safe Power for the Whole Community

BHI's safety focus begins with the design of the city's power distribution system that serves Burlington today, and, which is well positioned for expansion to meet growth requirements. Safety factors in all levels of the city's grid design and the engineering processes and standards behind it. Safety is front and center in our reviews of electricity infrastructure, plans for new sub-divisions and developments, and day-to-day engineering services such as temporary service disconnections.

BHI teams work to achieve a highly disciplined and coordinated response, side-by-side with the City, first responders and other partners, reacting to incidents involving hydro equipment, such as damage caused by severe storms and traffic accidents. Our response efforts must be precise, decisive and collaborative, to keep our citizens safe and to keep the City and the Province moving.

Led by our dedicated safety department, it is in our policies and procedures to pursue the highest level of training and certification available in the industry.

Burlington Hydro is committed to promoting and educating our residential and commercial customers, Burlington's youth, first responders and our staff on safe practices and the safe use of electricity. Our restoration efforts are conducted according to exacting, documented and highly regulated standards.

BHI continues to develop and execute programs that support a preventive approach to safety where employees are empowered, accountability is clear and outcomes are tied to measurable performance objectives and goals.

  • BHI delivers thousands of presentations on safety awareness in community elementary schools focusing on junior kindergarten to Grade 8. The program acknowledges that youngsters are naturally curious about electricity, and channels this intrigue into vital safety knowledge and attitudes.
  • BHI is a large supporter of Rob Ellis' ‘MySafeWork’ program that targets high school students.
  • Each year, BHI is joined by Oakville Hydro and the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) to host the Power to Be Safe Powerline Safety Seminar, attended by hundreds of business operators and employees from high risk sectors, such as landscaping, operators of high lift booms, excavators and builders.
  • Activities to promote employee health and wellness, and initiatives that encourage teamwork and innovative thinking, contribute to creating a positive and safe workplace.
  • Safety is one of the key areas of focus of Burlington Hydro's new 'Shine Inside' program, which motivates and acknowledges self-empowerment to achieve a standard of excellence in safety across all levels.
  • We continue to improve the ways in which we keep our customers informed during extreme weather and outages, including the Outage Maps tool which provides real-time updates on outages, and allows customers to search down to the street level.

At the core of Burlington Hydro's mandate is the commitment to deliver a trusted source of SAFE, efficient and reliable power to our customers, which supports growth and accommodates economic development in our city.

Explore Burlington Hydro's 'Your Safety' section to help you, your family and your employees stay safe and connected during outages, and to prepare ahead, and to be armed with essential powerline safety tips.