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Care & Collaboration


Partners in Safety

The Burlington Hydro safety department, operations and restoration team partner with the City of Burlington's Emergency Response services in training and 24-7 response for incidents involving powerlines.

Burlington Hydro Works Side-by-Side With Our First Responders

At the scene of an accident involving powerlines, Burlington Hydro crews must communicate and work alongside our city's emergency responders, in order to secure any threatening situation as quickly as possible. Our team works hard to achieve a highly disciplined and coordinated response, working closely with the City, first responders and other partners, reacting to incidents involving hydro equipment. Response efforts must be precise, decisive and collaborative, to keep our citizens safe and to keep the City and the Province moving.

Burlington Hydro is committed to being available as a educational resource for first responders to ensure best practices are known and used in the event of a powerline related accident.