Staying Connected and Informed

Customers have several options to stay informed during outages to help keep loved ones and employees save.

Connect with Our Mobile Website

During a power outage, your smartphone or tablet could be your only access point to the internet, allowing you to get status updates on outages affecting your area. To get access from your mobile phone, go to Bookmark this page in your mobile browser for easy access when outages occur.

Follow us on Twitter

During major outages, Burlington Hydro will regularly post real-time updates to Twitter. Stay informed and follow us on Twitter - @BurlingtonHydro

Reporting Outages or Power Emergencies

  1. To Report outages or for power emergencies call 1-877-310-4937.
  2. If you are in eminent danger as a result of a downed power line call 9-1-1 immediately. Call Burlington Hydro’s outage and emergency line at 1-877-310-4937 to report downed branches/trees on power lines. Do not put yourself in harm’s way and stay back at least 10 metres.
  3. Please bear in mind if there is a major outage, which can affect thousands of customers, the possibility of securing an open phone line could be limited. Please be aware of this possibility, and be assured that we are making every effort to restore service. You can also access the Outage Maps webpage, search your address and get the latest information on current power outages.

Please always check to ensure that the power isn’t out because of a tripped breaker or blown fuse in your home's electrical panel.