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7 Actions for 7 Powerline Dangers

Great for all ages, each of these 7 videos convey critical powerline safety behavior.

Do I need to call before I dig?

If you were to undertake a household project that required digging – such as planting a tree or building a deck – how likely are you to call to locate electrical or other underground lines?

It is the law that you ‘call before you dig’. or 1-800-400-2255

How dangerous is it to touch a power line?

It is always dangerous to touch an overhead power line with your body or any object. It will cause serious injury or even death.

What is the safe distance to stay away from an overhead power line?

When undertaking outdoor activities – such as, standing on a ladder, cleaning windows or eaves, climbing or trimming trees – how close can you can safely come to an overhead power line with your body or an object?

The required minimum distance is to stay 3 to 6 metres (or 10 to 20 feet) away from an overhead power line.

What is the safe distance to stay away from a downed power line?

How close can you safely come to a downed overhead power line, such as a downed line caused by a storm or accident?

The minimum distance from a downed power line is 10 metres (or 33 feet).

Don't tamper with electrical equipment.

Some electrical utility equipment is located on the ground, such as locked steel cabinets that contain transformers. How dangerous do you believe it is to try to open, remove contents, or touch the equipment inside?

Any electrical equipment is a no play zone for children and/or pets. All persons are not touch or tamper with the utility green boxes or electrical equipment.

Actions to take if your vehicle has a power line fall on it.

What if a powerline has fallen on your vehicle and your vehicle has caught fire?

If you are in a vehicle – such as a car, bus, or truck – and an overhead power line comes down on top of it, what is the safest action?

If your vehicle comes in contact with power lines, staying in the vehicle is your best and safest option until the power is disconnected. Call 911 immediately.

If it becomes critical to escape the vehicle, jump out and away from the vehicle, making sure that you land with your feet together. You must not stumble, so don't try to jump far. Then, move away from the vehicle, using the shuffle technique, until you are at least 10-metres (33 feet) from the vehicle.