Extreme Weather Safety

Extreme weather heightens customer safety considerations. High winds, ice storms, temperature extremes and flooding, can all compromise the electricity distribution system. See how BHI anticipates and responds to these situations. Community safety is the driving force.

Extreme weather events are becoming increasingly common and causing more widespread damage at higher costs. Ontario has been particularly hard hit, and Burlington has been no exception.

This page provides details of high profile weather events and the related power restoration efforts. Three recent extreme weather events are reviewed, two that occurred in Burlington, and one in New York, which Burlington Hydro and other Ontario utilities responded to with restoration support.

December 2013 Ice Storm

The December 2013 Ice Storm was the most intensive storm-related power restoration work in recent history for the City of Burlington, which ran 24/7 engaging every member of the Burlington Hydro operations team, as well as the support of City of Burlington staff, neighbouring utilities and contractors.

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July 2013 Wind Storm

Burlington Hydro completed power restoration after the July 22 Wind Storm that left 18,000 customers without electricity. Outages were reported across the city, with the most severe damage in Aldershot, Lowville, Cedar Springs between Side Road 1 and 2, and on a section of Appleby Line between Corporate Dr. and Mainway.

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October 2012 Hurricane Sandy

Burlington Hydro sends a nine man crew for 11 days to Long Island, New York in November 2012 to help restore power in the regions devastated by Hurricane Sandy, providing much needed relief to the hardest-hit areas.

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