Are You Safe?

Do not landscape near or otherwise obstruct an electrical transformerNO ... Trees, shrubs, flowers, fences or walls situated too close to transformer can add the duration of outages.
It is best to avoid any planting near electricity transformers and esure they are not obstructed
YES ... Best to err on the side of caution, and avoid planting anywhere near electricity transformers
Download the transformer brochure to get full information on the regulations
Get full information on the regulations with this handy brochure
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Transformer at Home?

Working Together to keep Transformers Accessible

Burlington citizens, who own homes or live on developments with a pad-mounted transformer, share in an important partnership with Burlington Hydro.

The neighbourhood counts on Burlington Hydro to isolate and deal with electricity outages swiftly and safely and to pre-empt issues by properly maintaining equipment.

The Neighbourhood also counts on you to adhere to regulations that restrict landscaping or other obstructions from being situated too closely to pad-mounted transformers.

Safe unobstructed access makes a difference

“Unobstructed access to transformers helps to reduce the duration of outages in your neighbourhood. By keeping landscaping and other obstructions outside of the clearance area, you help to keep your family and Burlington Hydro service technicians’ safe.”

Dan Guatto, Vice President, Engineering & Operations