ESA Powerline Safety at Home
The Electrical Safety Authority publish a comprehensive web site dedicated to powerline safety safety at home.


Safety Tip:

Always carry your ladder horizontally, it’s easier on your back, and much safer. When you buy a ladder, consider those made of fiberglass or wood. They do not conduct electricity as well as aluminum.


Playing It Safe By definition

Playing is a carefree experience. As such, it’s difficult to keep safety top of mind.

Playing in, or near water is recognized as a potentially dangerous, and generally speaking, we have learned to take precautions with water-based activities. But playing on land, away from traffic, is often seen as non-threatening, when in fact the opposite can be true.

Your Home Powerline Safety Starts At Home

Regardless of the activity, safety is a practice for all seasons.

Home owners are often busy maintaining their property and can become so focused on the task at hand, that they may frequently disregard their immediate environment. Many of these individuals encounter high voltage wires with tragic results.


Cleaning out eaves troughs, pruning trees, erecting flag poles, decorating for the holidays and painting are all seasonal activities that require precautions. Always check the location of overhead wires in relation to where you are working.

One in five non-worker deaths from electrocution are associated with ladders contacting overhead powerlines. Aluminum ladders, or ladders with aluminum parts, will act as conductors of electricity if they contact overhead powerlines.


Digging on your property also requires caution. Because of the depth of underground wires, you won’t encounter them planting flowers and shrubs. However, before digging post holes, deck supports or anything that needs to go below the frost line, always check with Burlington Hydro, for the location of underground high voltage wires.

Tree Trimming - What is the Risk?

Check to ensure that trees are not contacting powerlines – if they are, notify Burlington Hydro Inc.

Contacting powerlines results in 11% of non-worker electrocutions with powerlines.

How to Avoid Risk: Look Out!

Be aware of overhead powerlines that run across your property. Never touch powerlines and never attempt to trim trees around powerlines – only trained and experiences workers should trim trees around overhead lines.