The Latest Power Outage Information for Burlington Hydro Customers

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To report a power outage or a power outage emergency, please call:


Burlington Hydro Tweets during extreme weather events and major outages. Watch for our helpful power restoration updates about your neighbourhood and other areas of interest.

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To report a power outage please call 1-877-310-4937.
Crews continue to work until all power is restored. Glenwood and Mary Court area. 4 broken poles need repair to other areas that are out.
The majority of the power outages have been restored - 120 customers remain without power this morning.
Damage from the storm continues to keep crews busy. They are working 24/7 until power is restored. Appx. 574 customers remain w/o power.
Power has been restored to the Pinedale neighborhood. Thank you for your patience.
Power in Aldershot has been restored. Thank you for your patience.
Difficult to give specific times for power restoration. Repairs will continue thru this evening. Follow at:
Crews working as quickly & as safely as possible to restore power to neighbourhoods where trees/limbs have fallen on lines due to winds.
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To report a power outage or downed power lines call Burlington Hydro at 1-877-310-4937.
Appx. 2800 customers currently affected by power outages. Crews have been dispatched and are working to restore power.
Unfortunately, as high winds continue throughout the evening, more outages may occur. Please be aware.
Thanks for sharing all of your tweets and pics regarding outages. They are greatly appreciated. It helps us to identify all areas affected
Current outages in West and South end of City affecting 2200 customers. ETR approximately 7:30. High winds and trees are the cause.
Our outage map is up and running again. Please visit Thanks for your patience.
Exiting a vehicle contacted by a powerline is extremely dangerous. Do not attempt to assist someone in a vehicle touched by powerlines.
If a powerline lands on your vehicle, remain in the vehicle until emergency responders arrive.
Electrical Powerline down across 4184 Walkers Line. Stay safe .... Stay clear of downed powerlines.!
Largest outage currently in the west end of Burlington. Smaller outages are scattered throughout City.