The Burlington Hydro Time of Use Toolkit lets customers see hydro consumption.

Time of Use Toolkit

The Burlington Hydro Time of Use Toolkit is a new convenient web application offered free to all Burlington Hydro customers to help identify ways to save electricity and money.

Time of Use Toolkit - Devices

Why You Should Sign Up:

  • View your electricity consumption on-line – use your private access code to log-in from any computer with internet access.
  • Secure, convenient and easy to use! Just click on the visual graphs and charts to view usage right down to the day and hour!
  • The Toolkit can help to identify ways you can be highly specific with your conservation efforts.
  • See the impact of weather on your electricity usage. And much, much more!

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Call Up the Toolkit on Your Mobile Device

How to Sign on and Access Your Energy Data from Your Smart Phone

Step 1 – Register as a ‘Time-of-Use Toolkit’ Customer

You must first be registered with Burlington Hydro as a ‘Time-of-Use Toolkit’ customer - see above.

Step 2 – How to Access the ‘Time-of-Use Toolkit’ from Your Mobile Device

If you are a registered user of Burlington Hydro’s ‘Time-of-Use Toolkit’ you can now access information about your energy data from your smart phone – anywhere and at any time. Click to bookmark this link in your mobile browser to allow quick and easy access. Then simply login with your toolkit password.