How it Works

At each billing run, Burlington Hydro creates an electronic version of your electricity bill. If you are a registered BHI VIEWmybill* user, you will receive an e-mail notification whenever a new bill has been created. Once you receive this bill you can go on-line and view, print or save the new bill.  

By having all of your bills on-line, it's now easy to view your past bills, payments, examine your electricity consumption – from month to month or year to year.

Becoming a Registered BHI VIEWmybill Customer

In order to become a BHI VIEWmybill Customer you will need to provide:

  • Your Account Number (example 12345-001)
  • Your Postal Code OR The First 4 Letters of Your Surname
  • A valid e-mail address
  • A User Id of your choice
  • A password of your choice

Multiple Burlington Hydro Accounts

If you have multiple Burlington Hydro accounts, you can easily manage all of these accounts from a single BHI VIEWmybill Customer account. To add additional accounts, simply go to the "Change User Profile" screen, press the Add An Account button and enter the appropriate information.

Paying Your Bills

Once you’ve signed up for BHI VIEWmybill service, its an easy matter to configure your account to have a link directly to the bank of your choice. From the "Change User Profile" screen simply place a check beside your bank. Once you’ve updated your account,clicking on the "Pay Your Bill" link will bring you to the bank you’ve chosen. From there you can pay your electricity bills through your bank’s regular on-line payment systems. Its that easy!