Frequently Asked Questions

What is BHI VIEWmybill?

BHI VIEWmybill is a way for customers to view and pay their bills electronically through the internet.

Where do You Register for VIEWmybill?

Where do I register for VIEWmybill?

The registration for VIEWmybill is on-line.  To register now click here.

Where do I log in to VIEWmybill?

The fastest way to log in to VIEWmybill is by click the VIEWmybill icon on the upper left side of the home page


Click here to go directly to the login page

If I don't get a mailed bill, how do I know when and how much to pay?

When you sign up for BHI VIEWmybill, you will receive e-mail notification when a new bill has been created. You can then view your bill on-line at any time and any where you have internet access.

Not receiving notification of your bill being posted?

VIEWmybill customers are encouraged to cut and paste the following e-mail address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - into their e-mail "Contacts List". This will help prevent spam filters from blocking the customer notification message from Burlington Hydro when bills are posted.

Can I still get a paper bill if I sign up for BHI VIEWmybill?

No. Once you have signed up for VIEWmybill, Burlington Hydro will stop sending you paper based versions of your electricity bill.

If you wish to start receiving paper bills again, you must un-register from the VIEWmybill service.

Can anyone else see my bill?

As long as you keep your user name and password confidential, you can rest assured that only you and Burlington Hydro staff can view your billing information.

Is my information confidential?

Yes. Burlington Hydro values the confidentiality of their customer's information. Information entered into BHI VIEWmybill will not be given to any organization outside of Burlington Hydro.

Can I see my old bills?

If you are a registered BHI VIEWmybill customer, you can view your bills from the previous two years.

If I choose to un-register from BHI VIEWmybill, how long will it take to get back to receiving hard copies of my bills?

It will usually take one billing cycle before you start to receive your bills in the mail again after un-registering from BHI VIEWmybill.

Why is my bill printing out (from Adobe Acrobat Reader) with large black areas?

When selecting the print icon from the Adobe Acrobat icon bar, a print dialog box will appear. You may have to check off the "Print as image" option in the dialog box to get the bill to print out correctly.