Summer Time-of-Use Prices Currently in Effect: May 1 to October 31, 2018

  • Off-Peak – 6.5 cents per kWh – Weekdays 7 pm to 7 am, and all-day on Weekends and Statutory Holidays
  • Mid-Peak – 9.4 cents per kWh – Weekdays 7 am to 11 am and 5 pm to 7 pm
  • On-Peak – 13.2 cents per kWh – Weekdays 11 am to 5 pm

Winter time of use prices Nov 1, 2014 to April 30, 2015. Off-Peak 7.7 cents per kWh weekdays 7pm-7am and all day on weekends and holidays; Mid-Peak 11.4 cents per kWh weekdays 11am-5pm; On-Peak 14 cents per kWh weekdays 7am to 11am and 5pm to 7pm.

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) sets the province’s prices for electricity under the Regulated Price Plan (RPP)* and develops the daily and seasonal TOU periods. With TOU pricing electricity prices vary, based on when it is used. That includes by time of day, by day of week (weekdays versus weekends), and by season (winter or summer). TOU prices provide small business customers with a new way to manage electricity costs.

Summer TOU periods and prices take effect from May 1 to October 31. Summer TOU periods and prices take effect from November 1 to April 30.

*NOTE: For electricity customers on a fixed-term contract with an electricity retailer, TOU prices do not apply.

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