saveOnEnergy for business from IESO

New! Business Conservation Webinars

June 18, 2014 - Compressed Air Efficiency ... Learn about compressed air, available incentives, how we can help, and a local success story.


SaveONenergy Demand Response

For organizations looking for new ways to manage their electricity costs, DEMAND RESPONSE can make perfect sense. Demand Response is increasingly being recognized as an effective way to reduce the cost of power and the need to build additional electricity generation capacity.

saveONenergy Retrofit Program

Install Energy-Efficient Measures and Earn up to 50% of your Project Costs! For many business owners, capital costs prove to be the primary barrier to investing and participating in a retrofit. The RETROFIT PROGRAM's incentives tackle this barrier head on, making it possible for you to install and benefit from newer, more energy-efficient solutions.

saveONenergy Small Business Lighting

Under this program, qualifying businesses can get up to $1,500 worth in energy-efficient lighting and equipment upgrades. Plus get access to further incentives and equipment upgrades. Plus get access to further incentives.


saveONenergy for Business

You've Got the Power ... We've Got the Programs!

At Burlington Hydro, we are pleased to offer customers a wide-range of ways to save electricity and money through the Independent Electricity System Operator's (IESO) saveOnEnergy programs.

saveONenergy conservation programs for business are designed to make it easier than ever to manage your electricity use.

The Burlington Hydro saveONenergy website will help you learn how you can benefit by taking advantage of the energy-saving measures and incentives offered by these business-focussed programs.