Hundreds of local businesses in the City of Burlington have participated in saveONenergy business programs, from energy audits and lighting retrofits to incentives for system and process upgrades.

SAVING energy makes sense - business sense

Take advantage of incentives to increase the efficiency of your buildings and operations. There are incentives for enegy audits, energy efficient lighting, equipment upgrades, energy efficient new construction and major renovations, industrial upgrades and participation in demand response programs.

Businesses across Ontario can benefit from an array of programs offered throughout the province. There are energy-efficiency programs to assist organizations from the smallest of retail stores to the largest industrial complexes. Programs to help fund energy audits, to replace energy-wasting equipment or to pursue new construction that exceeds our existing codes and standards.

Businesses can also pursue incentives for controlling and reducing their electricity demand at specific times. The bottom line is that there are innovative programs that can help businesses reduce their electricity costs, while helping Ontario defer the need to build new generation and reduce its environmental footprint.