Regulatory Affairs

Burlington Hydro Inc. rates  are regulated by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), an independent Ontario provincial government agency. Burlington Hydro Inc., at any time, may have one or more applications before the OEB, and may also be participating in other OEB-sponsored proceedings. 

Performance Scorecard

Burlington Hydro's 2015 Scorecard - Service Levels and Performance

BHI's 2015 performance - as measured by service quality, customer satisfaction, safety and system reliability indicators - is summarized on the Scorecard below. 

BHI 2015 Scorecard & Measurement and Analysis - PDF

For more information about the 2015 Scorecard, please access the Ontario Energy Board’s Frequently Asked Questions - PDF

Distribution Rates and Charges

A rate increase of 1.60% - in accordance with the OEB-approved 2017 parameters for inflation and productivity -  has been approved by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) and takes effect May 1, 2017.

It should be noted that two factors have had a favourable impact on the residential bill - notably the distribution volumetric rate and something referred to as the Deferral/Variance account rate rider – even after offsetting the monthly service charge. The result is a monthly bill decrease of $2.52 for residential customers who consume an average of 750 kWh/month.

Burlington Hydro’s distribution charges account for approximately 17% of the typical residential customer’s electricity bill. The charge is included as part of the “Delivery” line item on the bill. 'Delivery' also includes transmission charges, which are approximately 8%. Like all distributors we also bill for Ontario’s electricity system.

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has authorized Burlington Hydro's distribution rates effective May 1, 2017.

Distribution Rate Order - Effective May 1, 2017
Tariff of Rates and Charges   

Tariff Rates and Charges - to April 30, 2017


Conservation and Demand Management

BHI Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) Annual Reports

2014 CDM Annual Report to the Ontario Energy Board - PDF
2013 CDM Annual Report to the Ontario Energy Board - PDF
2012 CDM Annual Report to the Ontario Energy Board - PDF
2011 CDM Annual Report to the Ontario Energy Board - PDF

BHI CDM Strategy

BHI CDM Strategy – Final Version - PDF
BHI CDM Strategy Addendum – Final Version - PDF

Other Regulatory Information

Conditions of Service

Conditions of Service 

Burlington Hydro's Distribution Licence

ED-2003-0004 - BHI Distribution Licence - Valid Until March 31, 2023

OEB Codes Applicable to Electricity Distributors

Distribution System Code - PDF

Retail Settlement Code - PDF

Standard Supply Service Code for Electricity Distributors - PDF

Conservation and Demand Management Code for Electricity Distributors - PDF

Affiliate Relationships Code for Electricity Distributors and Transmitters - PDF