New Burlington Hydro Distribution Rates – May 1, 2019

Burlington Hydro is responsible for delivering a safe and reliable supply of electricity to homes, businesses and institutions in the City of Burlington. A distribution rate increase of 4.51% - to cover inflation and incremental capital expenditures - has been approved by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) and takes effect May 1, 2019. 

The new distribution rate is reflected in the ‘Delivery’ line of the bill and represents an increase on a typical residential bill of $1.66 before taxes.

Many consumers are not aware that local distribution companies are the billing agent for Ontario’s electricity system and that they collect on behalf of all other electricity market participants and the government. Burlington Hydro’s distribution portion (indicated as the Delivery line on the bill) accounts for approximately 24% of a customer’s entire electricity bill.

Before utilities can make any changes to their rates they are required to seek approval from the OEB through a rate application process. The Board reviews each rate application independently in a public process and approves the rates each distributor can charge.

Access our Distribution Rates and Charges from our Regulatory Webpage