Customer Alert: Permission to Access Your Meter

July 15, 2018

Please be aware that there has been a report of a customer receiving a call from someone claiming to be an employee of another utility, not Burlington Hydro. They indicate that the power will be cut in order to downgrade their smart meter to a mechanical meter.

Please be aware, that Burlington Hydro always notifies homeowners/businesses by way of a hand delivered letter or verbal notification requesting permission should work be required on their meter (be advised that notification is not given and permission is not requested if the power is not affected).

Burlington Hydro employees always carry identification. Customers should always ask for ID if there is any suspicion of the identity of an individual working on a customer’s electricity equipment, including meters.

Please call Burlington Hydro customer service at (905)332-1851 to report any calls from individuals claiming to be an employee of another utility company. Do not give permission to anyone to access your electrical equipment until their identity is confirmed to be legitimate or not.