Repair Responsibility

What you Need to Know in the Wake of this Weekend’s Wind Storm

A great deal of damage from this weekend’s storm occurred to lines located in customers’ back yards. In some cases equipment belonging to the homeowner may have been damaged.

Customers should be aware that Burlington Hydro is not authorized to repair privately owned equipment. This includes damaged standpipes or masts and any damage to the cables and hardware running from the connection point down the side of your house and into your home. Damage to this equipment must be repaired by an Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) certified electrician, with the work approved by ESA, before we can restore your service.

Access more information and an illustration that shows how power connects into your home and what equipment is the responsibility of the homeowner and what equipment is owned by Burlington Hydro.

If your service stack or meter base are damaged, call a licensed electrician to repair the equipment. Find a licensed electrician or call 1.877.ESA.SAFE.  Your licensed electrician will complete the repairs, and then arrange with the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) to authorize re-connection with Burlington Hydro.