Major Weekend Wind Storm Affects Over 11,000 Burlington Hydro Customers

May 7, 2018

As of this morning, 203 customers remain without power as a result of this weekend’s wind storm. In Burlington, over 11,000 customers experienced a power outage at some point over the weekend. By Sunday morning that number had dropped to 500.

We understand that it has been a difficult and frustrating time for many customers who have endured an extended power outage. We’d like to assure customers that have worked as quickly and as safely as possible throughout the weekend to restore power to those affected. The extent and severity of damage has rivaled the damage incurred during the ice storm of 2014.

The powerful wind storm was responsible for knocking out power to over 500,000 customers across southern Ontario. In Burlington wind gusts of 109 km/h impacted the north west of the City, and brought trees and lines down in a swath across the south from Burloak to Aldershot. Smaller pockets throughout the City were also affected.

Over 40 poles came down in the storm, and many more trees toppled onto lines. Damage was so severe in many cases, that a complete re-build of the powerline was required.

Extra crews from Niagara Peninsula Energy (NPEI) and K-Line have worked alongside our crews since Saturday. On Sunday extra crews joined us from Waterloo North Hydro. Today Oakville Hydro also sent help. Today we have more than 3 times our normal resources to help restore the power to those customers still affected. Thank you to those contractors and utilities that are lending us a helping hand. It is greatly appreciated.

Restoration efforts have been challenging and dangerous as crews have had to access dozens of backyards to locate and repair the damage. In many instances it has been impossible to get equipment into the yards, so crews are climbing poles to perform the work. If tree removal is required tree contractors have had to remove debris before line work can be performed. It has made for tedious work for our crews and a lengthy restoration effort. Because so many unexpected issues have arisen on-site, and because of the sheer number of outage sites, it was impossible to provide estimated restoration times. We understand the frustration this caused for many.

Dramatic increases in the number of calls through to our outage emergency line in some instances led to delays in getting through. A further software problem added to inaccuracies on our website outage map. We apologize for the inconvenience and the further frustration that this caused our customers.

Our goal is to have all remaining customers restored by the end of today.