April is “Dig Safe” Month

Burlington Hydro and Ontario One Call would like to inform homeowners of the importance of digging safely to ensure the safety of your family, neighbours, community and all those involved with any excavation or digging projects.

Many homeowners are unaware that before digging on one’s property, no matter how big or small the project, it’s critical to contact Ontario One Call to prevent any unforeseen damage to buried cables or utility pipes and avoid the loss of essential services to yourself or your neighbourhood. This complete service is free of charge.

Ontario One Call can be contacted 24/7 online or via the call centre: www.on1call.com or 1-800-400-2255.

Ontario One Call notifies registered owners of underground infrastructure within the vicinity of the proposed excavation. The individual infrastructure owners will then visit the property and mark the underground cables in the areas to be excavated. Homeowners are responsible to ensure their contractors, if they have hired one, have contacted Ontario One Call to request a locate before starting any excavation - it’s the law.