Tree Trimming Maintenance Schedule: Nov 27 to Dec 8


Please be advised that utility planned outages for tree trimming – November 27 to December 8 - will occur in the following areas/neighbourhoods:

  • Portions of Riverside Dr. and Sheldon Park Dr.
  • Portions of Kenmare Cres and Salem Rd.
  • Portions of Mulbery Dr, Cedarbrook Cres, Beechwood Cres and Cherryhill Cres
  • Portions of Cherryhill Cres and New St
  • Portions of Suncrest Rd, Wedgewood Dr, Pinedale Ave and Parkside Cres
  • Portions of Parkside Dr, Suncrest Rd and Wedgewood Dr
  • Portions of Bride Wood and Idlewood Cres
  • Portions of Salem Rd, Linbrook Rd and Pinedale Ave

A ‘Notice of Hydro Interruption’ will be delivered to all customers affected by Burlington Hydro’s tree trimming maintenance work. Planned outages typically occur between 9 am and 2 pm.

Tree trimming eliminates potentially hazardous situations and helps avoid needless power interruptions during storms and high winds, which make up a significant portion of all outages.