Ontario’s First Online Electricity Customer Panel Debuts

Interested in getting involved? It’s easy, just go to YourVoiceHasPower.com

May 10, 2017

The Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) and its member local distribution companies (LDCs) - including Burlington Hydro - have launched the Ontario Electricity Customer Panel. The initiative is a first-ever online opinion panel exclusively drawn from electricity customers in the province who have agreed to participate.

The goal is to establish an online community so electricity customers can express their opinions on such public policies as pricing, conservation and local power generation.

We want to provide electricity customers in Ontario with the opportunity to share their opinions with us, and with Ontario’s electricity sector decision makers. Electricity customers in Ontario have not had this opportunity before.  With the many changes in the electricity sector being proposed or enacted, it is important that your voices be heard on these matters.

Participants in the Ontario Electricity Customer Panel will be recruited from across the province. It is very simple to participate in the Ontario Electricity Customer Panel.  Just go to Learn More about the YourVoiceHasPower.cpm Paneland answer a few questions. If you are a citizen of Ontario, over the age of 18, and are a customer of Burlington Hydro (or any electricity provider), then you qualify to be part of the panel.

For privacy reasons, no LDC will have access to the names of specific panelists.

At this time, we are planning to engage the panel up to four times a year.  That may change, subject to current events, such as changes in electricity policy and pricing. The EDA and its members are just beginning a campaign to attract participants.  600 participants are expected to engage in the first six months and up to two thousand over the next two years.

Electricity customers who are interested in participating in the panel can go to www.YourVoiceHasPower.com for more information and to fill out a short questionnaire.