Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault Tours Burlington Hydro

Pilot Projects, Cooperative Partnerships and Community Collaboration Featured as Minister of Energy Gets a Glimpse into Burlington Hydro’s Operations

Burlington Hydro would like to thank local MPP and Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, the Hon. Eleanor McMahon, for initiating and inviting Minister Thibeault to Burlington Hydro.

BURLINGTON, ON, February 1, 2017– Burlington Hydro welcomed Ontario Minister of Energy Glenn Thibeault to its head office today for a tour of the company’s operations, showcasing innovative initiatives such as the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Pilot and Micro-turbine Co-generation project. The visit also highlighted the utility’s approach to conducting business through collaboration and cooperative partnerships.

“We’re very pleased to be able to showcase Burlington Hydro as a progressive mid-sized distribution company committed to continuous improvement and performance excellence in the areas of safety, customer service, conservation, and stewardship,” says Burlington Hydro Electric Board Chair John Maheu.

Burlington Hydro continues to rank among the best managed and operated local utilities in the province. The company maintains a strong asset base through responsible financial management and system renewal. With a distribution rate that represents only 17 percent of the total electricity bill, Burlington Hydro is committed to keeping distribution rates as competitive as possible by operating an efficient and value-driven utility. 

This includes pursuing creative and collaborative partnerships that serve the needs of ratepayers and the community, while exceeding both business and customer expectations. 

“It’s great to see Burlington Hydro’s efforts to pursue leaner operations and pass cost savings onto their customers,” said Ontario’s Minister of Energy Glenn Thibeault.  “By working with their GridSmartCity Cooperative partners and delivering for their community, Burlington Hydro is punching above its weight and setting a strong example for other utilities to follow. I’m impressed by the investment they’ve made in innovations that support smart community energy planning.”

As City of Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring explains: “Whether it is working collaboratively with local distribution company (LDC) partners to realize greater efficiencies and cost-saving benefits through the GridSmartCity Cooperative, or as a community-focused distribution company that has helped to develop and implement the City’s visionary ‘Community Energy Plan’, Burlington Hydro remains focused on building long-term value for its customers and the community.”