Burlington Hydro Launches New OUTAGE Portal on its Website

June 25, 2015 - Providing customers with the latest and most comprehensive information when it comes to power outages is something Burlington Hydro takes very seriously. Having the facts you need to make safe and informed decisions, is critical to how our customers are able to deal safely with the circumstances of a major power outage. 

With that in mind, Burlington Hydro’s Power Outage Portal is an important new customer tool now available on our website - www.burlingtonhydro.com/outageportal. The portal is the latest communications enhancement the company has introduced - helping customers get access to current information when both planned and unplanned power outages occur.*

The new, refreshed portal has a live twitter feed on its landing page, providing vital tips on staying safe, preparing for an emergency, understanding how restoration efforts are prioritized, and identifying what equipment is the responsibility of the homeowner and/or what equipment is owned by the utility, among other vital pieces of information customers need to know.

At the heart of the new portal, is our Outage Map introduced last year as part of Burlington Hydro’s new state-of-the-art Outage Management System. Updated every 15 minutes, the Outage Map allows customers to locate the outage easily from a comprehensive map of the City of Burlington, where real-time reports, including the causes of the outage and the estimated time when power will be restored, are available.

Other recent improvements include enhanced call-in customer service support 24/7 and the introduction of a mobile application that provides critical outage information directly to a customer’s smart phone or mobile device.

We’ve listened to our customers and are acting to ensure they continue to receive excellent value and the highest standard of customer care during unforeseen and planned power outages.

*Customers who click older power outage pages (due to searches or bookmarks) will automatically be redirected to the new landing page.