CUSTOMER ALERT: Fraudsters Posing as Burlington Hydro Representatives are Reported to be Active in Our Region

Burlington Hydro wants to alert customers to be vigilant regarding a telephone fraud* that is currently occurring in our region. It is the same telephone scam that has been reported in jurisdictions throughout Ontario over the last number of months.

Customers receive a phone call from a 1-800 number posing as Burlington Hydro. Customers are informed that they are behind in their electricity payments and that their power will be shut off if payment is not made. People are being told to make an immediate credit card payment.

If customers receive a suspicious call from anyone claiming to be from Burlington Hydro – asking for personal banking information or credit card numbers – please do not give this information and call Burlington Hydro Customer Service at (905) 332-1851 to report the incident. Callers should also report the incident immediately to the OPP’s Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.

Please be aware that legitimate Burlington Hydro representatives NEVER ask customers for banking information or credit card numbers over the phone.

*Recent reports indicate that the telephone scam has been stepped up to include door-to-door solicitation. Burlington Hydro NEVER comes to residents’ homes or businesses demanding immediate payment for any reason. If you are approached by anyone at your door demanding immediate payment of your Burlington Hydro bill, please call the OPP Fraud Line immediately at 1-888-495-8501.

Tips for Recognizing Fraud:

  • The person calling claims to be a government official, tax officer, banking official, lawyer or some other person in authority.
  • Being pressured to make a large payment immediately.
  • Not being allowed time to check out the caller by requesting written information, address, call back number.
  • Being asked confidential personal information.
  • Being asked for all your confidential banking or credit card information. Unless using that specific method of payment, honest businesses do not require these details.