Burlington Hydro Provides Financial Incentive to Help Offset Cost of Energy Efficiency Upgrade at Mission Produce

New Plant Refrigeration System Upgrade has Improved Mission Produce’s Bottom Line

BURLINGTON, ON – January 23, 2015 – Mission Produce didn’t become a global entity in the avocado industry without the foresight of good business judgment and attention to operational efficiency. That’s why the recent refrigeration upgrade at their newly expanded Burlington Plant on Howard Road is giving them an edge and providing energy efficiencies to improve their bottom line.

In a ceremony on January 21st, Burlington Hydro President and CEO, Gerry Smallegange, and Joe Saunders, Vice President, Regulatory Compliance and Asset Management, presented Mission Produce with an incentive cheque for $71,400, as part of the saveONenergyOM Process and Systems Upgrade Initiatives Program, a Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) program tailored for business and delivered by Burlington Hydro.

“The saveONenergy program made it financially practical to send additional money upfront to upgrade the refrigeration and controls system design for our new facility in order to reduce our annual energy consumption, and ultimately, reduce our utility payments,” said Jake Nixon, Vice President of Engineering & Process Improvement, Mission Produce Inc.

Mission Produce has installed a Freon refrigeration system that consists of eight reciprocating compressors, two air cooled condensers and eleven fan coil evaporators as part of its planned expansion. The electricity savings for the project will be realized by the lower energy consumption of the fan motors through the use of VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) and the control system which optimizes the compressors and fans of the condensers and evaporators, providing enhanced efficiency.

It was expected that the plant would save over 357 MWh annually. Post project analysis has shown however that actual savings are even higher than forecast – over 660 MWh in fact – which means even greater savings for the company. It’s equivalent in savings to the electricity it takes to power over  35 Burlington homes for an entire year.  That represents some impressive numbers – approximately $55,000 less on Mission’s annual electricity bill.

Just as importantly, the program incentives are helping Mission Produce reduce their payback period for the upgrade from 3.08 years without the incentive, to 1.14 years with it.

 “Mission Produce is an outstanding example of how a local business has taken advantage of concrete financial incentives to undertake a major energy retrofit project,” said Gerry Smallegange, President and CEO, Burlington Hydro Inc. “Burlington Hydro offers saveONenergy programs for every size and description of business, and we have the expertise that will help guide local companies on the path to real energy and cost savings.”

 About Mission Produce

Mission Produce was founded in 1983 and has since grown to become a global entity in the avocado industry. An experienced and knowledgeable field staff, highly efficient packing facilities, a national distribution network, a progressive marketing force and a global grower base all contribute to Mission’s success and future development. Mission processes and distributes avocados and asparagus for the Ontario market through its Burlington Plant. 

About Burlington Hydro

Burlington Hydro Inc. is an energy services company in the power distribution business. Serving approximately 66,000 residential and commercial customers, Burlington Hydro and its employees are committed to delivering safe, efficient and reliable electricity to the municipality of Burlington. Burlington Hydro maintains 32 substations and almost 1,600 kilometers of medium voltage distribution lines to deliver electricity. The company is wholly owned by the City of Burlington.

About the saveONenergy Portfolio of Business Programs

Businesses across Ontario can benefit from an array of programs offered throughout the province. There are energy-efficiency programs to assist organizations from the smallest of retail stores to the largest industrial complexes – programs to help fund energy audits, to replace energy-wasting equipment or to pursue new construction that exceeds our existing codes and standards. Businesses can also pursue incentives for controlling and reducing their electricity demand at specific times. Find out more by visiting https://www.saveonenergy.ca.