Electrical Outlets Submerged in Water Due to Flooding?

Be safe and learn more here

If water levels rose above the electrical outlets/panels in your basement as a result of flooding from the extreme rain event on August 4th be safe and do not plug into electrical outlets that were submerged in the flooding - you will likely need your power to be disconnected if this has not already been done. Be sure to get the information you need to be informed of your situation by contacting one of the following;

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) has authority over electrical systems on the customer side of the meter, and Burlington Hydro (BHI) has authority on the system side of the meter.  The ESA contacts BHI directly whenever they feel a disconnection is needed. Both ESA and Burlington Hydro rely on customer contacts to initiate these inspections. In situations such as the flood we have had, ESA says their inspector may, after being called to a site by an electrician, decide to informally inspect other sites in the area to determine if they have also had flood damage. Burlington Hydro’s field staff are also doing this when they are called out for disconnects in areas that were flooded.

All disconnects and reconnects are performed at no charge.  

Learn more about electrical safety should flooding occur in your home from the Electrical Safety Authority’s website at: http://www.esasafe.com/powerlinesafety/at-home-and-play/flood-safety-info