Burlington Hydro Launches New Outage Management System

An Easy-to-Use ‘Outage Maps’ Tool Provides Customers with Current Information on Power Interruptions

July 14, 2014 – Burlington Hydro is pleased to announce the completion of recent upgrades to its Outage Management System (OMS). System improvements include a new web-based Outage Map that provides the most current information about power interruptions. For the first time customers have the ability to access information on power outages in real time.

The powerful new APP is a highlight of Burlington Hydro’s new mobile site.  It allows you to look up your address online to get updates during power interruptions.  With this convenient web-based tool customers can get real-time reports on where the power is out, the cause of the outage if known, and the estimated time that the power will be restored.  ‘Outage Maps’ is also available through our regular website at burlingtonhydro.com

"The introduction of the Outage Map reflects Burlington Hydro's customer communications commitment, and in particular, our focus on making it as convenient as possible for customers to stay informed during power interruptions and extreme weather events," said Gerry Smallegange, President and CEO, Burlington Hydro Inc.

The new Outage Management System has also helped streamline and improve Burlington Hydro’s internal customer service process as it relates to power outages, both planned and unplanned. The OMS allows our customer service and call centre representatives to link customer outage reports directly to the utility’s Control Centre.  As each incident is updated, our service representatives are able to provide the customer with updates and relevant information about the power outage.

Burlington Hydro invites its customers to visit, bookmark and share the new mobile website - access from your mobile browser m.burlingtonhydro.com. The mobile website is a great way for customers to stay connected while they’re away from home or office, AND, during power interruptions. Customers will find our most popular web pages - all customized for quick and easy access on all of today's most popular smart phone platforms. The mobile-friendly pages and tools work hand-in hand with Burlington Hydro's new and improved phone system and our twitter page https://twitter.com/BurlingtonHydro.

These improvements complement the recently announced upgrades to the company’s customer call-in capabilities. The ability to handle a greater number of customer calls at one time – 24/7 – is another way that Burlington Hydro has improved its customer service competencies in 2014.

“We partnered with our mapping vendor to develop the customer Outage Management System which we call LiveOps. The new system aggregates data and produces a comprehensive central information repository of current system outages,” said Dan Guatto, Chief Operating Officer, Burlington Hydro Inc. “The cutting-edge technology integrates our smart metering and Geographic Information System (GIS) map platforms, and has enhanced our Control Room Operators ability to manage, quickly deploy crews, and track power outages.”

In the wake of the December 2013 Ice Storm, recommendations were brought forward with the intention of improving Burlington Hydro’s power outage communications. From a new Outage Management System, complete with a real-time outage map for customers, to upgraded phone systems, website enhancements and a new mobile application, Burlington Hydro has moved to improve its customer service on a number of fronts. We’re listening and we’ve acted to ensure our customers continue to receive excellent value and the highest standard of customer care.

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