Congratulations to the City of Burlington on Receiving the Ontario Power Authority’s 2013 Community Conservation Award

December 10, 2013 - Burlington Hydro would like to extend its congratulations to the City of Burlington on receiving the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) 2013 Community Conservation Award, representing communities with a population over 150,000. The award celebrates the leadership and innovation that the City of Burlington has demonstrated to support province-wide conservation goals.

The OPA Community Conservation Awards are presented to communities that demonstrate strong achievement in conservation leadership; innovation and market transformation; and, corporate/internal and community engagement. The awards are open to all cities, towns and municipalities in Ontario. The award was presented at the Local Authority Services Symposium, organized by AMO, on December 6, 2013.

Burlington has been a leading municipality in energy conservation. Energy conservation and management has been a priority for successive Burlington City Councils and a regular feature on the City’s strategic plans.

Community involvement and feedback is a vital component of Burlington’s energy management approach. In 2012, Burlington completed a community energy mapping initiative to determine the areas of future focus within its geographic area. This information was used for completing the Burlington Community Energy Plan with 20 year targets in the following categories:

  • Energy conservation in buildings (energy consumption per capita, area basis)
  • Energy generation and security (renewable energy)
  • Community engagement (resident surveys)
  • Land Use and growth (GHG reductions through intensification)
  • Transportation (GHG reductions through transit, walking, smart commute)

The effectiveness of this comprehensive data based approach to consistent, integrated energy conservation is demonstrated by the results on the corporate portfolio level where significant energy reductions have been achieved. Policies and projects related to energy, green procurement, greening the fleet and waste reduction have been implemented.

The corporate energy management plan sets ambitious five year (2017) targets of further 10-20 per cent energy reductions in:

  • Buildings
  • Street lighting
  • Transit and corporate vehicle fuel

Social (human comfort, productivity, environmental) and economic factors are integrated with energy conservation in city operations. Energy conservation is a continuous process and the city’s efforts have been towards ensuring long term energy sustainability, lower energy costs and environmental effects with greater livability.

In order to navigate a sustainable path forward, the City of Burlington partnered with Burlington Hydro and worked with other key stakeholders to develop the Community Energy Plan (CEP). Burlington Hydro is a vital partner in the process, ensuring stable and safe distribution networks and sustainable energy options to accommodate the city’s planned growth and economic development. The CEP showcases the City of Burlington as one of only a handful of communities who have successfully undertaken an energy planning process.

The Community Conservation Awards are a collaborative effort led by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) and the Electricity Distributors Association (EDA). Participating municipalities are required to provide a written submission that outlines their conservation efforts, as well as a recent case study highlighting a specific conservation initiative undertaken in their community. Sault Ste. Marie and South-West Oxford are the other municipal recipients of this year’s Community Conservation Awards in two other population categories..