Burlington Hydro has Applied to the Ontario Energy Board to

Decrease its Distribution Rates

November 21, 2013, Burlington – The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has issued a Notice to Customers of Burlington Hydro Inc. (BHI) informing them that the utility has applied to lower its electricity distribution rates, effective May 1, 2014.

The Notice further informs customers that the OEB will hold a public hearing to consider BHI’s request and that the public have the right to review the application, receive documents related to the upcoming hearing, file comments, or become an active participant (as an intervenor) in the hearing by applying to the OEB by November 30, 2013.

On October 1, 2013, Burlington Hydro filed its 2014 Electricity Rates Application with the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). If the OEB approves the Application as filed, a typical residential customer who consumes 800 kWh of electricity/month will experience a bill reduction of approximately 2.7%. Although the decrease represents a decrease of $4.92 to the monthly distribution rate and certain other charges, an average residential customer will save $2.22 on their total electricity bill each month.

Burlington Hydro collects on behalf of all electricity market participants and the government. Our distribution rates make up part of the Delivery Line on our customer’s bill, which represents approximately 22% of the total bill. Electricity prices make up about 50% of the total average household bill.

Burlington Hydro has applied for rates that will enable the company to recover the ongoing costs incurred in providing distribution services to our customers, connecting new customers, and allowing BHI to renew its assets and modernize its system. Importantly, it allows BHI to continue to provide high quality and reliable service.

The proposed rates will also provide an appropriate net income that will ensure the financial health and sustainability of the company. If approved, the new distribution rate will be applied to bills beginning May 1, 2014.