Burlington Hydro Launches Mobile Site – Another Way to Connect with Customers

Customers are now able to access their energy data using their mobile device

Burlington, ON – July 24, 2013 – Burlington Hydro customers are now able to monitor and manage information about their electricity consumption through the convenience of their mobile device.

The new mobile site is secure and convenient, allowing customers access to information about the electricity usage in their home and in their businesses, from anywhere. It’s just another way customers can connect to Burlington Hydro and use the tools that will help them to better understand and manage their electricity costs. 

A secure log-in code allows access to visual graphs and charts that provide detailed data of a customer’s electricity usage. The ability to interpret personalized energy data is a powerful tool:

  • Set alerts so you can be informed when your current bill period exceeds the cost or kwh threshold you have set;
  • Access estimates of your bill, which are updated daily and reflect previous use patterns;
  • Call up data on your energy use (current to the past 24 hours) and access a number of visual graphs and charts to gain insight into hourly, daily, and monthly power use;
  • See the impact of weather on your electricity usage; and,
  • Retrieve Rate Comparisons and try your hand at “What If” predications.

Burlington Hydro’s ‘Time-of-Use Toolkit’ can help customers identify patterns of usage and assist them in targeting what conservation measures could be taken to help reduce their electricity costs.  Sign up today for the ‘Time of Use Toolkit’ and start on the path of better managing your electricity use.

How to Sign on and Access Your Energy Data from Your Smart Phone

Step 1 – Register as a ‘Time-of-Use Toolkit’ Customer

In order to use Burlington Hydro’s ‘Time-of-Use Toolkit’, you must first be registered with Burlington Hydro as a ‘Time-of-Use Toolkit’ customer. * Register now.

*If you are already registered as a ‘Time-of-Use Toolkit’ customer, proceed directly to Step 2.

Step 2 – How to Access the ‘Time-of-Use Toolkit’ from Your Mobile Device

If you are a registered user of Burlington Hydro’s ‘Time-of-Use Toolkit’ you can now access information about your energy data from your smart phone – anywhere and at any time.  Bookmark the following link in your mobile browser to allow quick and easy access:  https://tou.burlingtonhydro.com/mobile.