City of Burlington Posts Draft ‘Community Energy Plan’ for Public Consultation and Feedback

Community Energy Planning Provides Roadmap for Growth and Sustainability

In order to navigate a sustainable path forward, the City of Burlington has partnered with Burlington Hydro and has been working with other key stakeholders since late 2011 to develop a Community Energy Plan (CEP). After a great deal of collaborative research, stakeholder engagement and deliberation, a Draft CEP has now been posted on the City of Burlington’s website for public consultation and feedback.

In part, the CEP focuses on: conservation opportunities; potential generation initiatives, including renewables; demand management options; and, matters of energy security.   Experts have shown that improving energy efficiency and planning for an integrated community energy system can help to improve the economic competitiveness of local businesses.  Burlington Hydro is a vital partner in the process, ensuring stable and safe distribution networks and sustainable energy options to accommodate the city’s planned growth and economic development.

The Community Energy Plan includes information on current conditions, opportunities and constraints, proposed goals, objectives and actions, and a high level implementation plan. There are five areas of focus in the plan with associated goals:

Behaviour Change & A Culture of Conservation

Create leading edge community engagement in energy initiatives (conservation, generation and security) to enhance implementation effectiveness and support sustained quality of life in Burlington.

Energy Efficiency

Improve the energy efficiency of buildings, in ways that contribute to Burlington’s overall economic competitiveness.

Energy Generation & Security

Increase sustainable local energy generation in Burlington and enhance supply security, in ways that support Burlington’s economic competitiveness.

Land Use & Growth

Optimize integrated community energy systems and efficiency opportunities through land use planning.


Increase transportation efficiency.

There are objectives for each goal with a number of specific actions for implementation. Proposed energy reduction targets are also provided for consideration.

The CEP showcases the City of Burlington as one of only a handful of communities who have successfully undertaken an energy planning process. After public engagement to gain local input, the CEP is scheduled for release later this year.

To assist members of the public in their review of the draft plan, some questions are provided for consideration:

  1. Do you agree with the goals, objectives, targets and indicators?
  2. Do you have suggestions on how they can be improved?
  3. In your opinion, are the targets appropriate? If not, what would you suggest?
  4. Are there any objectives or actions that should be added to the CEP?
  5. Any other comments?

A comment form is available on the website for downloading or submission via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Burlington Hydro is aligning its business priorities with the City of Burlington’s long-term strategic planning as it relates to responsible power management and energy sustainability. It is a critical part of the distribution company’s ongoing commitment to provide innovative energy solutions, while continuing to deliver safe, efficient and reliable power to its residential, commercial and institutional customers.

Community Energy Plan Title Page

Draft Community Energy Plan

Discussion Paper

Presentation of Draft CEP to Council