Burlington Hydro Provides Financial Incentive to Help Offset Cost of Energy Efficiency Retrofit at Fearmans Pork Plant

State-of-the-Art Air Compressors Improve Fearmans’ Bottom Line  

BURLINGTON, ON – May 10, 2013 - Fearmans Pork has been putting old-fashioned quality into their pork products for over 150 years. They didn’t become the oldest continuously operated pork processor in Canada without the foresight of good business judgment and attention to operational efficiency.  That’s why the recent retrofit of the Burlington plant’s air compressors has given them an edge and provided energy efficiencies to improve their bottom line. In fact, as a result of the upgrade, the company has reduced its energy use by 996,000 kWh. That means they are saving the same amount of electricity that it takes to power 90 Burlington homes for a year. That represents some impressive energy and cost savings.

The Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program is a saveONenergyOM Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) program, tailored for businesses and delivered by Burlington Hydro Inc.

In addition to the almost one million kWh savings in electricity consumption, the new efficient air compressors are reducing greenhouse gases to the tune of 644 tonnes of carbon dioxide, over 2,800 kilograms of sulphur dioxide and almost 600 kilograms of nitrous oxide. It spells good news for the environment.

"Our energy options are changing and as a community we must consider the economic, financial, environmental and social costs of our energy supply and use as we move forward,” says Burlington’s Mayor Rick Goldring who attended the cheque presentation ceremony. “Burlington Hydro Inc., a partner in the development of a community energy plan for the City, plays a significant role in making Burlington sustainable by reducing our carbon footprint.”

In a recent ceremony held at the Fearmans Plant at 821 Appleby Line, Burlington Hydro President and CEO, Gerry Smallengange, presented Fearmans President and CEO, Patrick Sugrue with an incentive cheque for $154,209 to help offset the cost of the air compressor retrofit project.

“In striving to be a good corporate and community citizen, Fearmans Pork Inc. as a company, is ever mindful of being accountable in all the decisions we make,” says Patrick Sugrue, President and CEO. “To retrofit all air compressors to a more energy efficient plan was a significant investment on our part which will aid in the decrease of our environmental footprint and increase our accountability when it comes to energy decisions and their long term effects. Fearmans Pork Inc. is proud to have partnered with Burlington Hydro on this initiative.”

The compressed air produced by the plant is used in a variety of functions, including material handling, agitation and tool operation. The old compressed air plant consisted of three Gardner Denver modulating screw compressors with a combined capacity of 625 HP. These machines were installed in the mid-1990s and were operating inefficiently, particularly when they were functioning at less than full capacity. They were replaced by three Kaeser variable speed compressors, with a combined capacity of 525 HP (a 100 HP reduction) with the ability to operate very efficiently at low capacity.

“Fearmans Pork is an outstanding example of how a local business has taken advantage of concrete financial incentives to undertake a major energy management project,” said Gerry Smallegange, President and CEO, Burlington Hydro Inc. “We offer saveONenergy programs for every size and description of business, and we have the expertise that will help guide local companies on the path to real energy and cost savings.”

About Fearmans Pork Inc.

Fearmans Pork’s 365,000 square foot Burlington facility has been operating at its current location since 1962 and employs over a thousand employees. The company selects only the best pigs raised on a network of over 200 small Ontario farms, an industry which is still dominated by family farmers. Fearmans’ retail customers include some of the finest food stores in Canada and the United States, including the Province of Ontario and the States of the Great Lakes basin and New England.

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