Switching Automation system by BHI eliminates power outages for critical service in downtown Burlington
Award Winning System Virtually Eliminates Power Outages for Critical Services in City Core

Self Healing Grid Virtually Eliminates Power Outages for Mission Critical Facilities

An innovative Switch Automation System installed by Burlington Hydro, automatically restores power in the critical load areas in Downtown Burlington.

Recognized as the 2008 Electrical Engineering Project of the Year, the Switching Automation System has virtually eliminated power outages in the Burlington core, and city-wide the system has resulted in a 20 percent improvement in the duration of outages. Overall reliability has improved by 40 percent.

The Joseph Brant Hospital, the main water and wastewater treatment facilities, the Canadian Coast Guard and other mission critical services are all under the halo of the new system that monitors and pre-empts issues, isolates faults and re-routes power - all without human intervention.

The technology combines advanced “Scada-Mate” switches, RF (radio frequency) communications and rapid, fibre enabled connectivity. The heart of the engineering is new proprietary ‘IntelliTEAM' software programmed by Burlington Hydro and our partner S&C Electric Limited.

The massive blackout in August, 2003, heightened security concerns following 9/11 and the province-wide mandate for continuous improvement in reliability were all contributing factors to Burlington Hydro’s decision to invest strategically in automation.

Outages in the past, that would have required one to two hours to find and fix, now are largely restored in seconds.