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Help define the future of EV adoption in your neighbourhood AND GET A GREAT DEAL on a new Electric Vehicle Charging Station for your home!


: Burlington Hydro Engineering (905) 332-2251

EVfutureGRID provides an opportunity for residential owners of electrical vehicles to have their household equipped with a leading edge residential charging station at a reduced cost, while participating in a first-of-its-kind EV study.

The program will help pave the way for the broad scale adoption of EVs, acquiring vital key learning on homeowner interaction with EVs and the load on the electricity grid. This type of information will help realize the full potential of electric vehicles and help curb climate change.

Through the EVfutureGRID program, EV charging stations will work in tandem with advanced ‘behind-the-meter’ technology to automate the interaction between electric vehicles and the electricity grid. Participants will benefit by having their vehicles charged at the optimal time of day, based on usage, community electricity demand and electricity prices.

Purchasers of electric vehicles do so as part of a broader commitment to the environment and contributing to a cleaner, greener community for the benefit of future generations.

By joining EVfutureGRID, homeowners will take this stewardship to the next level, as well as benefiting by a unique lease and cost sharing structure, with a portion of the costs covered by Burlington Hydro Electricity Services Inc, (an affiliate of Burlington Hydro), and program partners.

The EVfutureGRID EV Installation Offer – Participants will receive a premium home charging station equipped with first-of-its-kind Smart Grid connectivity at a reduced cost. Our standard installation package will be offered at a substantial savings to reward participation in the program.

Visit www.futuregrid.ca

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Burlington Hydro Engineering (905) 332-2251

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