Message From The CEO


Burlington Hydro continues to rank among the best managed and operated local utilities In Ontario. It is a reputation that we have earned and one that we take great pride in preserving as we look to the future.

At Burlington Hydro we are committed to setting a standard of leadership that is exemplified each and every day through our actions. It is a standard rooted in trusted service and an unwavering commitment to serve the needs of our customers, our shareholder and our community.

We are a progressive utility that is committed to continuous improvement and performance excellence in the areas of safety, stewardship, community involvement and technological innovation. We believe in working in partnership with like-minded industry and institutional partners in order to realize greater efficiencies and integrate new ideas that will improve our operations. These are the core values at the heart of our company – values that I believe will ensure our sustainability and allow us to adapt and manage change in an evolving energy landscape.

We remain focused on the electricity needs of a growing and vibrant community. As such, I am pleased to report that Burlington Hydro is in a position to supply power that will support 25% growth in the City. Importantly, this eliminates the need for major infrastructure spending over the next number of years. With a consistent record of superior safety performance, ongoing reinvestment in assets, and strong system reliability, Burlington Hydro is well placed to support the power needs of our community well into the future.

Optimizing performance and delivering electricity at a reasonable cost is fundamental to our business model. Setting distribution rates is one area of the bill that we can directly influence – and we’re proud of our record of keeping our rates in check. Five years ago, Burlington Hydro’s distribution rates represented 22% of the bill. Today only 17% of a typical residential bill goes to Burlington Hydro. The remainder of the bill is collected on behalf of generators, transmitters, regulatory bodies and the government.

Our ongoing partnership with the City of Burlington in developing and implementing the Community Energy Plan (CEP) is something with which we take considerable pride. Whether it’s providing energy mapping, conservation options, special funding to support key CEP initiatives, or undertaking key demonstration projects, we are engaged on a number of fronts to help drive the plan forward.

For instance, the retrofitted micro-turbine cogeneration plant – located at the south end of our head office and officially unveiled in September - is the centerpiece of a demonstration project undertaken by Burlington Electricity Services in support of the CEP. We are demonstrating cogeneration technology and evaluating its effectiveness with the objective of increasing sustainable district energy options for Burlington. We have also launched an electric vehicle (EV) charging station pilot. Resulting data from this pilot will help Burlington Hydro understand EV impacts on the grid, and better prepare us for the inevitable wider-spread adoption of EVs in the community.

Community and customer expectations are continuing to evolve. How we incorporate innovative technologies, financial oversight, communications, conservation, corporate and environmental responsibility, all play into the new reality. It has created a culture of continual adjustment and improvement to ensure that we are delivering value in the services we provide and the contributions we bring to our community. It represents a positive and sustainable trend for our company. In so doing, we look forward to doing our part in keeping Burlington the best place to live, work and play.