Burlington Hydro lineman working on powerline with Skyway Bridge in background.
Our Commitment is Far Reaching


  • To efficiently deliver reliable electrical energy to our customers in the City of Burlington
  • To provide a safe and rewarding work environment for our employees
  • To assure that future supply is available to meet Burlington's growing needs
  • To provide our shareholder with a superior rate of return.
  • To be a community partner

About Burlington Hydro Inc.

Burlington Hydro Inc. is an energy services company in the power distribution business. Serving approximately 66,700 residential and commercial customers, Burlington Hydro and its employees are committed to delivering safe, efficient and reliable electricity to the City of Burlington. Burlington Hydro’s strategic focus is on achieving excellence and continuous improvement across all aspects of its business including: employee and community safety; operational efficiency and reliability; responsive customer service; and, conservation programs. The company is committed to maintaining a strong asset base through responsible financial management, system renewal and innovation to assure the availability of electricity supply to meet customer needs and growth.

Burlington Hydro maintains 32 substations and almost 1,600 kilometers of medium voltage distribution lines to deliver electricity. The company is wholly owned by the City of Burlington.

Core Values

In pursuit of our goals, Burlington Hydro holds certain core values toward its stakeholders and key aspects of its operation.

Burlington Hydro Cares for People

  • We provide a safe, healthy and fulfilling work environment for our employees, with fair remuneration, fair management and opportunities for learning and professional development;
  • we value our relationships with our customers and work to win their trust and support;
  • We interact with customers, employees, the public, and our business partners with integrity and respect, and at all times act in a responsible and professional manner.

Burlington Hydro Cares for the Community

  • We are good corporate citizens and take pride in making significant contributions to community programs in which we can add value such as fundraising, energy conservation projects, business development activities, school safety programs, clean air initiatives, crime prevention programs, and other community giving such as blood donor clinics;
  • We value the communities we serve and the environment in which we operate, managing environmental risks to eliminate or minimize adverse impacts associated with our businesses.

Burlington Hydro Cares about Stewardship

  • We value the long term health and sustainability of Burlington Hydro;
  • We will assure availability of a future electricity supply to meet customer needs and growth.

Burlington Hydro Cares about Performance

  • We value a fully integrated business model: we deliver superior products to our customers in a safe and efficient manner, striving for excellence and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.

Burlington Hydro Cares about Shareholder Value

  • We create sustainable value for our shareholder by understanding and addressing customer needs, focusing on and promoting core business strengths, and pursuing appropriate business opportunities.