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Track Your Usage with
Burlington Hydro
Time of Use Toolkit

Looking for ways to help save?

The Burlington Hydro Time of Use Toolkit is a convenient web application offered free to all Burlington Hydro customers to help identify ways to save electricity and money!


  • Conveniently view your electricity consumption on-line
  • Easy to use - Just click on the visual graphs and charts to view usage right down to the day and hour
  • Get specific with your conservation efforts by drilling down on your usage data
  • See the impact of weather on your electricity usage

Monthly Usage History Chart

Planning your usage around the peak times of day can lead to major savings! With the Time of Use Toolkit you can see exactly how much electricity you have used by the hour, day and month.


Drill down with a few mouse clicks

With Time Of Use Toolkit you can view your usage and costs at multiple levels of detail (e.g. hourly, daily, monthly, bill period) in a variety of graphical and tabular formats. You can set up usage and cost alerts to help monitor and manage your electricity consumption. There's also a handy 'What If Calculator' to see how shifting the time of the day you consume electricity will impact future bills

Laptop with TOU Toolkit page open