Powerlines and Businesses

Is your occupation or business among the highest-risk segments for powerline injuries? Take advantage of BHI resources and events to protect yourself and your workers from the hazards of overhead and underground powerlines.

Complacency and lack of awareness are the two main factors causing powerline tragedies

Contact with powerlines is by far the most frequent cause of fatal occupational electrocution injury. In fact, powerline contact accounted for almost half of all electrical-related fatalities over the past decade. It is imperative that you protect yourself and your workers by understanding job site electrical hazards from overhead and underground powerlines.

The most at risk occupations include:

  • Construction
  • Delivery, boom and dump trucks drivers
  • Landscaping / Excavating
  • Roofing
  • Siding / Eavestroughs
  • Paving
  • Any worker, working with high reach equipment

Powerline contacts are:

  • Most common in the heavy construction sector between April and November. Incidents peak in July and August
  • Most common in the roofing sector from May to October. Incidents peak in August and October
  • Most common in the arborist sector from May to October. Incidents peak in August and October
  • Just as likely to involve women as men
  • Laborers account for 33 % of powerline contacts; roofers (21 %) and dump truck drivers (18 %)

Protect yourself and your workers –Understand overhead and underground powerline hazards!

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