Small Business Lighting (SBL) Program

The new Save on Energy Small Business Lighting program offers businesses a simple solution for energy efficient lighting.

We've got your game plan for savings! Get a FREE energy assessment and incentives towards state-of-the-art lighting.


See your business in a new light.

Do your store lights flicker? Are your product displays poorly lit? Do you spend too much on replacing burnt out light bulbs? Are you looking for ideas to help manage your operating costs?

Investing in energy efficient lighting can improve in-store customer experiences, provide more attractive product displays, help employees more easily focus on tasks and assist you in managing your operating costs. The Small Business Lighting program offers businesses in Ontario a simple solution for energy efficient lighting.

Eligible businesses will receive:

  • A free onsite lighting assessment of their facility
  • Up to $2,000 in incentives towards eligible energy efficient lighting upgrades*
  • Turnkey lighting installation which eliminates the need to search for a qualified contractor, obtain quotes, submit incentive applications, project manage the retrofit and clean-up

* Please note that some projects will be fully covered by the program while others may only be partially funded by the program. There may be an opportunity for additional incentives for projects that exceed the
$2,000 incentive provided in the SBL program.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Businesses with an average annual demand of less than 100kW
  • Previous participants of the Power Saving Blitz 2008-2010 or Direct Install Lighting (also known as Small Business Lighting 2011-2015) programs are eligible to participate in the new Small Business Lighting program.

Why should small businesses

The Small Business Lighting program is a simple and easy solution for energy efficiency lighting. Energy efficient lighting will not only help you manage energy costs but will help you:

  • Better showcase your finest products, appeal to more street traffic, inspect product and deliveries with greater ease
  • Increase safety in the workplace with greater visibility
  • Increase the comfort of your customers and employees – leading to a more enjoyable customer experience, and a more positive, energetic and productive work environment
  • Reduce the time you spend dealing with maintenance, as many new lighting products now have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours

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