Process & Systems Program

Designed to help organizations IDENTIFY, IMPLEMENT, and VALIDATE energy efficiency projects from start to finish.

Expand your savings potential.

If you are an industrial or institutional organization, you are likely to have complex systems and processes that contribute to a significant portion of your electricity costs, and finding energy efficiencies may not be as straight forward as a simple retrofit project.

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Engineering Studies

Engineering Studies are used to evaluate specific processes and uncover the potential electricity savings that can be achieved if energy saving upgrades are completed at your facility. Additionally, Engineering Studies help develop the business case for energy efficiency projects you are looking to undertake. The information gathered from the Engineering Study will also identify potential capital incentive project opportunities that may exist that you weren't already aware of. Opportunities exist in systems that aren't running properly, that are using old equipment or those that require optimization.

Preliminary Engineering Study (PES) Overview

Receive up to $10,000 in incentive funding for completing a Preliminary Engineering Study for a key process or single industrial system that will identify opportunities for process improvements that can reduce your electricity use. A Preliminary Engineering Study should be completed when you are aware of the potential for electrical savings but you are unsure of the approach to achieve the energy savings. The study report must provide electricity savings estimated to an accuracy of +/- 30% and projects costs estimated to an accuracy of +/- 50%.

Detailed Engineering Study (DES) Overview

Receive up to $50,000 in incentive funding for completing a Detailed Engineering Study to determine energy savings from an opportunity that you have already identified. This study will perform an in-depth analysis of a process or system. It will be used to determine a base case energy usage of the system, and to propose and energy savings opportunities or measures. Additionally, the study will identify any Capital Incentive Project opportunities that might exist for the system and help build a capital investment business case for the process efficiency improvements. The study report must provide electricity savings estimated to an accuracy of +/- 10% and projects costs estimated to +/- 25%.

Considerations – The incentive amount obtained through Engineering Studies will be subtracted from any potential project incentive amounts to produce a net project incentive amount.

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Energy Managers

Energy managers mean business. Energy managers are trained to find energy savings, identify smart energy investments, secure financial incentives and unleash competitive advantage. Can your business afford not to hire one?

Energy managers have the technical expertise to recommend energy-saving equipment and technologies that are right for your business. And, they have the project management skills to implement your business' energy management strategy – working directly with your operations team, vendors and service providers, and managing financial incentives that support project success and benefit your company's bottom line.

Incentives through Save on Energy are available to help bring an energy manager onto your team.

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Capital Incentives

Capital Incentives are available for a variety of energy saving projects. Whether you are installing variable frequency drives on your motors or you are redesigning your entire system, there is an incentive available. You can receive up to 70% of project costs to upgrade your facility to energy efficient equipment and systems.

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Opportunity Accelerator

Opportunity Accelerator is a free, no-obligation service that provides eligible customers access to qualified technical advisors who will work with your staff to identify potential energy efficiency opportunities at your facility.
This service will provide greater insight into the types of opportunities that may be eligible for capital incentives through the Process & Systems program.

Opportunity Accelerator provides a preliminary analysis and report on the potential electrical efficiency opportunities that can reduce your energy use and maintenance costs, while improving reliability and renewing your production assets. This report can be leveraged to prioritize projects and develop business cases with increased visibility into potential incentives and payback periods. By investing in your site's energy efficiency you can better manage energy costs, enhance operating reliability and realize productivity gains.

If, or when, a more detailed engineering study is required, funding is available through the Process & Systems program for engineering studies.

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