Existing Business Commissioning Program

If you have a chilled water system, you may be eligible for incentives.

Air conditioning can be costly to operate and maintain, particularly if you have a large chilled water system.

Program Cancelled.

Conservation Program Cancellation Announcement

With the Existing Building Commissioning program for chilled water systems, funding is available for:

  • Hiring an expert to analyze the chilled water system and make recommendations for increasing its energy efficiency
  • Buying and installing metering equipment
  • Implementing the recommended upgrades

Is Your Building Eligible?

The Existing Building Commissioning program is for owners or lessees of Chilled Water Systems located in:

  • Commercial buildings such as offices, retail and grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and warehouses
  • Institutional buildings, including hospitals, universities, municipal halls and arenas
  • Multi-family buildings, such as apartments (including low-income or social housing) or condominiums
  • Agricultural facilities such as dairy and poultry barns

You'll also need a general service account >50kW or a Large User Account. And if you lease, you'll need the owner's consent or authorization to move forward.

Is Your Chilled Water System Eligible?

To be eligible for the Existing Building Commissioning program, the Chilled Water System must:

  • Be more than three years old
  • Cool an area greater than 50,000 square feet
  • Not be scheduled for replacement within the next two years
  • Not have been refurbished or retrofitted for the past three years

Chilled Water Systems may be eligible for the program, provided they have not previously been included in this program or the IESO's Chilled Water Plant Ongoing Commissioning Pilot. They also must not have received incentives through any other IESO- funded programs in relation to the Chilled Water System.

Which Costs Are Eligible?

Eligible costs for the Data Acquisition System in the Investigation Phase and any equipment required for the Implementation Phase are reasonable costs payable by you to an arm's length third-party, including the costs of:

  • Equipment, including shipping, delivery and duties
  • Labour for installation
  • Disposing, decommissioning or recycling any residual material
  • Inspections required by law and regulations
    Required design, engineering and/or architecture, and
  • Project management costs

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