Being prepared for an emergency is the first step to ensuring your safety and that of your animals

Power Outage Preparedness for Rural Community. Connect with Burlington Hydro, during outages on our Mobile Website, by phone or on twitter @BurlingtonHydro
Regardless of the emergency situation, rural residents should always be prepared for the unexpected.


Emergency situations can often impact farm livestock and pets. Due to their size, specialized needs, shelter and transport requirements it is vital to plan ahead for the possibility of an extended power outage.

  • Have a backup power source
  • Address animal containment, noting low voltage fencing will likely no longer be working
  • Have extra water on hand, and take steps to extra-insulate containers using items such as stacks of straw or hay.
  • Have a livestock evacuation plan in place

Before a Power Outage

  • Protect electrical equipment with surge protectors
  • Have a standby or backup power source
  • Have an emergency plan for water and feed resources for your livestock

During a Power Outage

  • Stay informed with a battery powered or crank radio
  • Use your mobile device to access up-to-date alerts and real-time outage maps: bookmark m.burlingtonhydro.com  on your mobile/smart phone
  • Follow Burlington Hydro on Twitter  for the latest updates or call us directly
  • Keep your food and water supply safe,  and ensure there is food and water for your livestock
  • NEVER run a generator indoors as they produce CO which can be deadly to humans and animals

Powerline Safety

Extreme weather and power outages can often cause more damage in rural areas.   Consider these important safety tips:

  • If the wiring leading to your home, barn or service panels seems damaged or compromised in any way, stay back. Maintain at least 10 metres from downed wires
  • If your home, barn or other out buildings have flooded, do not walk in or touch standing water as it may be energized by the electrical system
  • NEVER touch or approach downed powerlines or anything touching downed power lines (eg. trees, fences, cars, buildings, etc.).  They may be energized and can cause a fatal electrocution
  • To report an outage or power emergency call: 1-877-310-4937
  • Further emergency preparedness information is available from Halton Region  - Dial 311 or visit Halton.ca/BePrepared