Major weather events have been on the rise, with the violent wind storm that hit Burlington in the summer of 2013 serving as a vivid example.

Over 25% or 18,000 Burlington Hydro customers were left without power as a result of the July 2013 Wind Storm. Outages were reported across the city, with the most severe damage in Aldershot, Lowville, Cedar Springs between Side Road 1 and 2, and on a section of Appleby Line between Corporate Dr. and Mainway. Winds brought down trees onto power lines and toppled dozens of distribution poles, making roads impassable in many pockets across the city and north of Highway 5.

City of Burlington roads and parks maintenance (RPM) brought in all available staff immediately after the storm to work on the cleanup – primarily clearing downed trees from roads, and cutting up and chipping branches.

The city also brought in several arborist contractors to assist with tree removals. The cleanup and rebuild of the power system was extensive.  “I’m proud of our crews who worked tirelessly around the clock to repair damaged equipment and restore power neighbourhood by neighbourhood," said Gerry Smallegange, President and CEO of Burlington Hydro Inc.