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Transformer on Your Property?


Transformer Inspection Program and Customer Landscaping Guidelines

Burlington citizens who own homes or live on developments with a pad-mounted transformer, share in an important partnership with Burlington Hydro.

The neighbourhood counts on Burlington Hydro to isolate and deal with electricity outages swiftly and safely, and to pre-empt issues by properly maintaining equipment.

Likewise, your neighbourhood counts on you to adhere to regulations that restrict landscaping or other obstructions from being situated too close to pad-mounted transformers.

Inspections of Transformers

Burlington Hydro operates a comprehensive transformer inspection program to bring every customer into compliance with clearance requirements.

The purpose of the inspections is to prevent conditions that either make it difficult to inspect transformers, endanger Burlington Hydro workers and residents, or reduce the operating life of our equipment.

During the inspections, if landscaping or other obstructions such as fences or walls are found to contravene clearance requirements, property owners will be advised of remedial measures.

Landscaping or obstructions may need to be cleared away without notice by Burlington Hydro in order to perform priority service to transformers.

Respect the Obstruction Free Zone!

 We require an unobstructed sight-line of transformers from the road to allow for system checks.

 Please follow these steps:

  • Respect the obstruction free zone: Do not plant within 3 metres of the front of the transformer or 1.5 metres of its back and sides. Trees must be 3 metres from all sides.
  • Contact Engineering before you plant,dig or build: Before beginning any landscaping, fencing, plant removal or construction near transformers, please contact our Engineering Department at 905-332-2250
  • Consider landscaping growth and depth of excavation: When planting landscaping, consider the specimen's size a maturity.

  • Exercise caution: Do not attempt to remove landscaping around a transformer until the situation can be assessed with Burlington Hydro.