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Consumer Alert: COVID-19 Energy Assistance Programs Scam

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has issued a Consumer Alert regarding its CEAP and CEAP-SB programs. 

Some energy customers have reported receiving calls from scammers referencing the OEB’s CEAP program web pages and then falsely telling customers that a home inspection is required in order to qualify. Home inspections are not required to qualify for CEAP or CEAP-SB, nor does the OEB conduct home inspections or call customers to promote the program. 

Burlington Hydro customers need only apply to be considered for CEAP or CEAP-SB. Call or see Burlington's Hydro CEAP web resources for more information and to submit your application. 

Consumer Tips:

Beware of messages with COVID-19 in the subject line and claiming to be from your utility. There have been several reports of emails, texts and websites sharing false information about bill relief programs, refunds and alternative payment methods during the COVID-19 emergency.

Protect your personal information – do not feel compelled to share your personal information. Your utility bill is private. It contains personal information like your account number and energy usage.

Remain vigilant and continue to use safe web browsing and email practices. Make sure you are accessing a safe and trusted source such as the utility’s website or call centre telephone number exactly as displayed on your bill. 

Consumers concerned about any suspicious communications can contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre or call 1-888-495-8501.